Purple Love Grass

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Latin Name-Tridens flavus Hardy Zone- 7-10 Mature Height-4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Purple Love Grass is a perennial bunch grass that is native to various eastern parts of North America.

Purple Love Grass - Tridens flavus. It thrives in warmer seasons and their bloom times are from August to October. Its blooming color is usually a reddish-purple. They can also be yellowish-green during the Spring and brown during the Winter. This grass can grow up to 3 to 5 feet in length, and they prefer to grow in partial shade. They can withstand various dry or medium type soils. Planting Zone for the Purple Top Grass is 5 to 10.

Purple Love Grass grows in various soils.

The blades or leaves can grow up to a foot long and just a .5” across. The upper part of the leaf is rough. Purple Love Grass can bloom from mid-summer to early fall and will last for around three weeks.  Love Grass roots are fibrous. The blooming time for the Purple Love Grass is from early spring to mid-summer. Love Grass roots are fibrous and don't have to be planted deep.

 Purple Love Grass can be found in a green color and are flat.

Purple Love Grass can be seen growing almost anywhere in the United States. All it needs is moist soil, and it can grow. Purple Love Grass is a tall grower and can grow in the shade or sun as long as it has wet soil. It is also known by its scientific name Trident Flavus Cupreus. Purple Love Grass will be good for a lawn or natural area. Purple Love Grass can survive in different types of soil conditions. Purple Love Grass is excellent to bring birds to a yard or garden. The birds will eat the seeds and will also use part of Purple Love Grass to build their nests.



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