Perennial Grab Bag - 40 Blooming Age Plants

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Perennial Grab Bag 

Perennials Fundraiser Garden Collection 40 Mixed Perennials

Perennial Grab Bag - You Sell, We Do the Rest! Earn Double when you sell our fundraiser packages. Everyone Loves Garden Plants.

Perennial Grab Bag makes for a magnificent landscape. Having them ready to purchase a collection makes them much more attractive and easy to buy. Most landscape centers and garden centers want you to purchase plants as individuals who will cause the price rise; Offering you a permanent collection is worth the money and your time. This Perennial Grab Bag contains 50 assorted perennials. All of these perennials will provide you with a wide variety of color and size. You can plant this collection as a group or alone.


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Perennial Grab Bag