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Perennial Grab Bag - 10 Mixed Perennials Perfect For Your Zone

We have chosen by hand a selection of 10 perennial plants mature and blooming age, perfect for your planting zone. Perennials are the backbone of beautiful gardening and landscaping. We can not guarantee you specific species, but we promise you will be happy with your grab bags!

Perennial - Perennis. The Perennial Grab Bag is one of the best investments for your landscaped property because the beautiful variety of flowers can enhance any garden, walkway, corner or pathway with pretty pops of color and depth.

Perennials are plants that come back again the next year. Unlike annuals, these hardy flowers die back seasonally but produce new growth in the spring and continue to grow stronger roots every year. The great news is that you only plant them once.

Many people enjoy buying a Perennial Grab Bag from the nursery because the flowers have been chosen for them and include various shapes, flower types, colors and plant heights. Customers mix them in with a few annuals and create an incredible floral garden display that requires less maintenance. Perennials offer fine structure to your landscaping and the reliability that they will return to bloom again when spring rolls around.

Perennials reward a property every year because healthy, established roots will deliver bigger flowers and colonies of new plants with more individual roots and leaves. That provides you options to divide perennials to transplant elsewhere and allow breathing room to the older plants.

The Perennial Grab Bag is fun to purchase because there are several kinds to choose from, and you're receiving top quality specimens with unique characteristics that can add lovely texture with matching and contrasting shades to your flowerbeds. Best of all, you can purchase several Perennial Grab Bags that bloom during different seasons, so your property will appear in constant bloom. Also, you can order plants that will thrive in your USDA planting zone, so the guesswork is removed from how to pick the right perennials compatible for your area.

Some of the most popular flowers found in a Perennial Grab Bag might include delphinium, salvia, purple coneflower, black-eyed Susan, daylily, dianthus, peony, iris, sedum, Japanese anemone, hellebore, crocus and Asiatic lily.




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