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Pachysandra procumbens Hardy Planting Zones- 5-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-12" Mature Width- 1-2'

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Pachysandra Procumbens

Allegheny Spurge - Pachysandra procumbens. A low-maintenance, slow-growing groundcover that can tolerate deep shade and droughts within zone 5 to 9. This blue-green perennial is native to the woodlands of the southeast portion of the United States, growing 6-12 inches high with a solid ground spread through a rhizome system of two feet. White blooms appear on spikes in early spring from March to April, although the brown seeds aren't usually seen. The plant's foliage is partially evergreen and may show a hint of purple or mosaic pattern. It grows best in acidic, moist conditions in soil that drains well and isn't heavy with clay.

Pachysandra will make a beautiful groundcover and will multiply. Pachysandra will do well in well-drained, acidic and neutral soils. The Pachysandra procumbens, more commonly known as the Alleghany Spurge, is an excellent choice when it comes to filling in empty areas of a landscape. It is a groundcover that grows in dense groups that can provide an attractive and unique display in otherwise hard to fill spaces, such as bare patches under shade trees or large shrubs. Even though it is a semi-evergreen, this plant still blooms during the spring months. The flowers stand out due to their long, spiked shape and white to pinkish coloring. Due to its dense growing pattern, this plant is also suitable for yards in areas prone to soil erosion. This is because the thick covering of the ground protects it from external influences, such as wind or rain, and the tightly woven root systems hold the soil together. Also, the Alleghany Spurge can be used to prevent weed growth and the spreading of other invasive species.

The Pachysandra perennial plant makes a fantastic groundcover. It has lush green foliage it also produces pretty flowers that bloom a pinkish color. This plant is a fast grower as well, so you plant in a few areas in your garden bed and in a short amount of time your whole garden bed will be covered with this gorgeous plant. Its flowers bloom from early spring to late winter, and it is very adaptable to many different soil types. The Pachysandra is commonly mistaken for a weed because of the lush color.

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