Marsh Fern

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Scientific Name: Thelypteris Palustris USDA CLimate Zone: Three to Nine Height: 18-24 inches Spread: 10 inches Soil Type: Very Wet Sun: Full exposure

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Marsh fern’s foliage is the perfect addition to the landscaping of a pond or water feature.

Delicate and lacy, the Marsh Fern, is a medium-sized fern, with light green, compound leaves, with tiny leaflets that provide the familiar look of the fern. The Marsh Fern, unlike other ferns, prefers to have some sunlight and can survive in full sun situations if it is provided with suitably moist soil.

Marsh Fern deciduous perennial is hardy from USDA Zones three to eight and provides a lush, green, texture to the landscape year after year.

The fern reaches heights of 18 to 24 inches, and while they prefer sandy, slightly acidic soil, this fern can be grown anywhere there is sufficient irrigation and is well-suited as a landscaping plant in areas that collect water.This sturdy midsized fern is disease resistant and unattractive to the most standard garden pests, and while it doesn’t necessarily require additional fertilization, the Marsh Fern will appreciate some all-purpose plant food if the soil is poor. The plant is also the only known host plant for the Marsh Fern Moth, the Fagitana littered.

The Marsh Fern requires minimal care to look its best, needing only to have the depleted foliage trimmed away as it fades and after the leaves have fallen in the fall.

While the plant is incredibly hardy, it is recommended to mulch the fern if there is going to be a sustained freeze. The Marsh Fern is native to North America and Eurasia, so it will easily blend with other native plants and is easily assimilated into any damp spot in the garden. With only the healthiest and most beautiful ferns available, they are packaged carefully and will arrive in perfect shape for planting and can be a stellar addition to the garden.

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