Lesser Brown Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex adusta Hardy Zone- 2-11 Mature Height- 2-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Lesser Brown Sedge will add a natural touch to any yard.

Lesser brown sedge is a grass-like plant. Densely tufted growth characterizes this plant. There are 4-15 spikes in a cluster 2-3 cm long. Lesser brown sedge is a perennial meaning they will come back year after year. They are green all year long. It can grow up to 2 to 3 ft. Brown sedge grows around 36 inches a year. This plant grows in hardy zones 2-11. Lesser brown sedge can grow in dry to moist soil and is drought tolerant. It can grow in either full sun or partial shade.

Lesser brown sedge provides food and habitat for birds and small mammals. 

Lesser Brown Sedge can be seen along roadsides. This brown sedge likes dry open places like rocky coastal region. It grows well in and around New Brunswick, Maine, Northern New York, British Columbia, Minnesota, and Michigan. This plant fruits from July-September. This is rare and almost endangered from being lost from the state of Maine. This plant is also classified as a perennial and can grow anywhere that water gathers. The leaves are simple and not complexed.

Lesser Brown Sedge is seen a lot growing in coastal areas.

The Lesser Brown Sedge has linear leaves and is unisexual. There is no bloom color on this plant because the plant will stay green year round. They are a grass and can be classified as both perennial or native grass. The Lesser Brown Sedge can grow up to 36 inches per year. This grass will do well in moist and slightly dry regions. They need approximately a foot in between each other to grow. They can grow in any soil and are adaptable.


Lesser Brown Sedge