Landscaping Driftwood

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Landscaping Driftwood

Landscaping driftwood is a versatile addition to any home garden and has many uses that can range beyond merely ornamental. It requires no specific growing zone to keep, and gardeners will perform little to no care once the driftwood becomes part of their garden or landscape. For those residing in drought-stricken or desert areas, landscaping driftwood can bring a welcoming touch to barren land without sacrificing beauty and uniqueness; Although they work perfectly in any climate too. For the most visual interest, choose pieces that are curved and massively twisted.

Landscaping Driftwood makes a visual statement.

Some basic ideas for using driftwood in a garden vary from a simple focal point to bordering a flower bed to making a decorative, natural planter, or using driftwood to separate a boxed or raised garden bed. It makes for a creative planter when multiple pieces are combined too. Gardeners can also fill pits in driftwood with potting soil, which make them perfect for planting annual flowers. In a climbing garden, it makes a natural surface for training vines or uses several pieces together to create a lattice. Gardeners can even grow moss directly in the driftwood’s cracks and crevices as well as bromeliads and orchids that require no potting soil. It adds an attractive edge to flower beds and sidewalks too and withstands the elements year after year. Alternatively, remake old garden benches or use driftwood decoratively on arbors or other garden and patio furniture. Another fun idea would be to create a rustic fence from driftwood or carve divots to hold tea light candles for evening garden strolls or beautiful centerpiece displays on tables. The sky is the limit on the possible uses for landscaping driftwood. Driftwood itself offers a one of a kind look since no two pieces are alike. Use one or combine pieces to add interest to any landscape.

Landscaping Driftwood is Unique.

 Diverse, and blends in well while "popping." Can be sanded and carved. Landscaping Driftwood looks at home in a garden. This is a good option for gardens and natural areas. Driftwood offers visual appeal and is often used as a focal point. It makes a beautiful accent piece and blends in well with any landscape.

Landscaping Driftwood