Joe Pye Plant

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Latin Name-Eutrochium Fistulosum Hardy Zone-3-9 Mature Height-5-7ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Joe Pye Plant

Joe Pye Plant - Eupatorium purpureum. This hummingbird and butterfly-attracting plant has showy tufts of vanilla-scented mauve and pink flowers; it is native to woodlands and thickets from zone 4 to 9. When crushed, the serrated leaf blades grow in a whirl and have a scent similar to a crisp apple. Several monikers know it: Sweet Joe-Pye, Kidney Root, Queen of the Meadow, Purple Boneset, and Gravel root. It will grow full sun if there is ample moisture but prefers partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil.

Joe Pye Plant doesn't tolerate hot, dry weather.

Because standard varieties can reach heights of 7 or more feet, this wildflower beauty needs a radius of 2-4 feet to avoid overcrowding. The shorter dwarf variety maintains a more moderate height of 2-3 feet and a spread of 12-24 inches. A late bloomer, this prized perennial, medicinal herb shows off in late summer to early fall from July to September. It doesn't need much care, but a hard pruning before winter will keep the plant well-managed, and its root ball can be split in early spring or late fall. To encourage a bushy appearance, Joe Pye can be cut to half its height in early summer.

Joe Pye Prefers Wet Soils. Joe Pye looks excellent when added to natural areas around a home.

This native grass will do great in any soils but will prefer wet soil conditions to grow well. Joe Pye will also attract butterflies, and this plant will do great in vast open fields and around lakes and ponds. Joe Pye is a beautiful native grass when grown. Joe Pye is considered to be a wetland grass. It will grow well in areas that have moist soil conditions. This grass is seen a lot growing in humid woodland regions and also in meadows that stay moist. Joe Pye will add a unique natural look to an area. This weed does well in all different climates and is very versatile. This wetland grass looks excellent around a pond or water garden.



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Joe Pye Plant