Interrupted Fern

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USDA Climates Zone: Three to Nine Height: 18-24 inches Spread: 10 inches Soil Type: Very Wet Sun: Full exposure

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Interrupted Fern is used as both a medicinal and ornamental plant.

Interrupted Fern - Osmunda Claytoniana. This fern is part of the Royal Fern Family. It ranges from 16-39 inches tall and 8-20 inches wide. It is commonly found in zones of higher humidity levels and forests, but occasionally in open habitats as well. Locations, where the interrupted fern is found, include the east side of North America, specifically in the eastern United States and Canada, and Eastern Asia. The name of the fern describes the gap in the leaves that is created when the more fertile areas when they fall off. This type of fern is a medium to large, having lovely brilliant green foliage and spreading eighteen inches or so makes it an excellent fern to plant in a garden where the other garden plants do not need to be crowded in to grow. There's little maintenance needs to be taken to the interrupted fern.

Interrupted Fern is a native and does not require any special treatment. Just merely plant and enjoy.

It loves to be planted in moderately damp acidic soil but can adapt to dry, enrich soil types. It's an excellent choice for gardeners that's never tried native ferns before because the success rate is very high. It is native to North America, the Himalayas, and China. Missouri is the most common place to find it in a native context in habitats such as wooded slopes, sandstone ledges, and wet woodlands. Mostly north of the Missouri river.

Interrupted Fern gets its name because of the way it grows.

Interrupted Fern grows these long fronds which are then ‘Interrupted’ but shorter fronds in a spreading vase shape up to two to three feet and if there is constant moisture then every bit of five feet tall. It changes color throughout the year from a nice emerald green in spring to autumn yellow in the fall. It’s a fabulous fern to plant because of its brilliance in color and size. Just perfect to plant and watch it get to full maturity in only one year. The interrupted ferns are an excellent border plant also.


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Interrupted Fern