Hay Scented Fern

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Hay-scented Fern-Dennstaedtia punctilobula Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 1-2' Mature Width- 2-3' - Gardener Status- Novice

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Hay Scented Fern are easy to care for and would make an excellent chose to add to any shaded area.

Hay Scented Fern - Dennstaedtia punctilobula. Hay Scented Fern is a deciduous fern native to Eastern parts of North America that can grow up to 2 feet in height and 3 to 4 feet in width and can be used as a deer repellent, border edging in landscaping, and ground coverage.

Growing Hay Scented ferns is simple as they are very durable plants. As long as they have partial shade and slightly acidic soil, then most will do just fine. They are easy to care for as well and require minimal time and effort. The average lifespan of Hay Scented Fern is a decade or about ten years.

Hay Scented Fern, also known as the Dennstaedtia Punctilobula is a typical plant. It can be identified by its lacy, light green, yellow fronds.

These fronds are triangular. This fern can be found growing in open wooded areas. It is an extremely fast-growing deciduous native that tends to grow in large colonies and often forms a carpet. Therefore, it should be planted in an area you would not mind it spreading around in since it does tend to become more than a little invasive. It is effortless to cultivate and can thrive in many areas. It is not the plant to put beside other things, but if you have a place that you need to cover quickly and inexpensively, it is also great because it is deer resistant, so you it won't be eaten at or picked apart. It is drought tolerant and can stand up to salt spray. When the fronds are crushed, they emit a fragrance similar to that of sweet, fresh mowed hay, which is the reason behind its namesake. This plant is beautiful, harmless, and its persistent will to live puts it at the top of the list for many plant lovers. Most green thumbs will agree this fern is worth considering.

Hay Scented fern has a beautiful delicate appearance.

They are very fast growers and can be used for ground cover as it will prevent soil erosion. It’s an excellent all-around fern for sloped areas and to use in hardening as a boarder fern. They are very well liked in northern America.


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Hay Scented Fern