Halls Honeysuckle Vine

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Halls Japanese Honeysuckle Vines-Lonicera japonica Hardy Planting Zones- 4-10 Sun or Shade – Full Sun to Partial Shade Mature Height - 20-30' Mature Width- 20' Bloom Season – Spring-Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Halls Honeysuckle Vine is an attractive plant for any landscape 

Hall's Honeysuckle Vine- Lonicera japonica 'Halliana.'
Hall's Honeysuckle Vines grows in zones 4-11. Yellow and white upturned tubular flowers produce a sweet fragrance that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The dark leaves of the vine provide an excellent screen for fences and arbors. The vines start blooming in June. The flowers start out white with pink tinges around the outer edges of tubular petals. As they age, they yellow. These vines grow and bloom well in shaded areas. The vine can spread by rhizomes or by seeds. The vine can thrive even in poor soils and makes an excellent summer privacy screen.

Halls Honeysuckle Vines have a delightful fragrance on a plant that has yellow and white flowers.

This is a plant that can be used in landscaping applications as a cover for fences and walls. It may also be used as a shrubbery type of ground cover, or it can be grown on a trellis. Honeysuckle is easy to grow by even novices and honeysuckle is fast growing. This is evergreen in mild climates but deciduous in colder climates. It is a hardy plant that grows in zones 4 through 11 and will thrive even in poor soils and requires occasional watering because it is a drought tolerant shrub. In drier conditions with extreme heat, it may need weekly or more than weekly watering. The stems of this plant can grow 20 to 30 feet high when grown on an upright surface. When honeysuckle is used as a ground cover, it will reach about 2 feet tall and have a shrub appearance. The stems of the honeysuckle plant are hollow.

The Halls Honeysuckle Vine would be a lovely addition to any landscape.

Though this is a vine type plant that can be regularly pruned and shaped in the fall when dormant. The landscaping using the plant to prevent soil erosion may not require pruning depending on how it is used in the garden. This is a vine plant that will grow in full sun or partial sun. The honeysuckle flowers are fused at the stem, and the leaves are a medium to dark green. The white and yellow flowers will bloom from early spring through mid-summer with repeated blooms through the season. The leaves on the upper part of the stems are medium green with an underside of the leaves that having a blue-green hue. The leaves grow opposite of each other on the stem on the shrub. The Halls shrub gets a berry that is a purple-black rather than the reddish orange of different varieties. Honeysuckle blooms have sweet nectar that attracts hummingbirds, other birds, butterflies and different types of wildlife.

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