Hair Grass

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Latin Name-Deschampsia cespitosa Hardy Zone- 5-9 Mature Height-2-3ft Width-1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Hair grass is an excellent choice for a beautifully landscaped look.

Hair Grass – Deschampsia Flexuosa. Hair grass has the appealing feature of having luxuriant, wavy-type “hair.” It can grow in diverse shades of color, ranging from golden blonde, soft green, to different shades of violet and pink. It is commonly used in aquariums for freshwater fish, and it provides free-flowing shelter for smaller fish. It grows to a maximum size of four inches, and it is often considered a great plant for beginner aquarium owners to use who are experimenting with aquatic plants. It’s known for being versatile and easy to maintain.

Hair grass grows best with low to medium light, and it thrives in temperature ranges of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its origin is farm-raised in the United States, primarily for coastland erosion prevention and for aquatic accessories and fish shelter. This plan is from the Cyperaceae family, and it thrives with the addition of aquarium fertilizer. Many shoots will bloom from one stem, and this fast-growing plant can quickly cover the bottom of a small to a medium-sized aquarium, making it a perfect solution for aquatic foliage needs. Its bright colors contribute to aesthetic appeal, and its stalky form offers interesting texture to freshwater aquariums. This grass will grow in clumps and will fill any bare spots around bodies of water. Hair grass got its name from the way that it will look when it has grown. This grass has the look of hair.

Hair Grass will grow very well in moist soil conditions. Hair Grass will look splendid when fully grown.

If you want to create an entirely green environment with curb appeal, this is the plant for you. The natural thin blades and vibrant green color are perfect for landscape edging.
Arrange your plants within a few inches of each other, and they will join, creating a continuous green edge. Hair grass will grow nicely, requiring very little maintenance. This carefree variety is an excellent choice to help increase visual appeal and give a just manicured feel; Providing a natural border for your lawn. Only purchase, plant and enjoy! Hair Grass gets its name because it looks like hair.Hair Grass is a beautiful native grass to add a special touch to a garden. This grass would look amazing around a water garden and lakes and ponds. Deschampsia Flexousa is the scientific name for Hair Grass. Hair Grass is strange looking because it will look a lot like hair when grown. Hair Grass will also be soft to the touch. The Hair grass looks just like grass as they grow. Hair Grass can be grown both indoors and out. The hair grass can be grown in aquariums or ponds if the weather is right and it has the proper soil and sunlight. Fish, KOI, and frogs love the hair grass because of its large roots, they feel safe in them and often lay their eggs in the sources. They do the best in temperatures of 70 degrees or more. They require very little maintenance. Hair Grass will add a unique touch to a natural area or water garden area.





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 Hair Grass