Golden Rod

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Latin Name-Solidago Gattingeri Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-1-8ft Width-8inch-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Golden Rod Grass adds color to any natural area, pond, lake, stream or water garden.

Golden Rods (Solidago speciosa) is most recognized by its golden flower clusters located on top of woody stalks usually appearing in mid-to-late summer. These club-shaped terminal clusters typically consist of tubular flowers measuring 0.125 inches sitting erect on reddish stems. Once Golden Rod reach maturity, they often stand three feet tall, and they are often as wide as they are tall. These grasses usually do better in full sun, but they will tolerate partial shade.

In addition to being a flashy plant at a time that others may be starting to fade, Golden Rod are a great way to attract butterflies to yards.

Stiff Goldenrod offers vibrant flowers. If you plant it once it revisits you year after year; It has yellow blooms usually in the spring and summer. This plant seems to grow in freshly grazed prairies and the dry woods from south Texas and Georgia. It works well for plantings on the roadside and in wildflower gardens. The stiff goldenrod has stiff stems with small hairs on them. The leaves and stems are green with a large yellow bushy flower on top. The roots are fibrous and low growing. It can grow up in most states and most countries.

Golden Rod can bloom for a few months at a time. 

Stiff Goldenrod is a native grass. It has a golden yellow flower which will show in the spring and summer months. This plant can reach heights of up to 5 feet so it can be paired with other native grasses or water plants as an accent piece. This plant is commonly used to restore prairies and areas that are prone to erosion. This plant will come back year after year which gives you a significant investment. It needs no fertilizer or nitrogen during the first year, however, can become deficient in phosphorus and potassium.


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Golden Rod