Giant Reed Grass

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Latin Name- Bouteloua Curtipendula Hardy Zone- 6-11 Mature Height-20ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Giant Reed Grass

The giant reed grass (Arundo donax) is a bamboo-like plant that is native to Europe especially in the Mediterranean region. It is a tall perennial cane and of the reed species. It has other names including Spanish cane, Wild cane, Arundo, Colorado river reed and Carrizo. Arundo is a rhizomatous permanent, warm-season grass that has a rather tropical look. This plant has a fast growth rate and is known to live up to a decade. It can make an audacious ornament impression in its mature form, with its large sword like bluish- green leaves that have an eye-catching white variegation throughout the season. The plant features buoyant pinnacles of tan florets that grow above the leaves during the late summer to mid-fall. Arundo normally grows to 6 meters and in perfect environments it can grow up to 20 meters. Its hollow stems are 2 -3 centimeters in diameter. This plant is mainly grown in zones 6-10, in full sunlight. It is adaptable to both moist and dry growing conditions. Propagation is by division. Its flowering period is from September to October and the flowers produced are usually purple. Giant reed is also well known for its tolerance to flood making it a good plant for controlling soil erosion. Arundo also requires medium maintenance since it will need regular care and upkeep. It is a good choice for landscapers and gardeners as it is perfect choice for planting in outdoor pots and containers.

Giant Reeds is often used along Borders. Giant Reed is a great native grass to have around lakes and ponds. This grass will grow and will look a lot and resemble bamboo when growing. This plant looks similar to bamboo. The GIant reeds get its name because of their large stalks. Each stalk looks similar to bamboo and can be used for many purposes other than being planted. As the plant grows, the stem can be cut down and cut in half and applied to moves water, tied up as a boat or used in other ways. This plant can be used to help in soil erosion. Giant Reed is a perennial grass and will come back every year. Giant Reed will grow to be its full growth every year. It will grow well in moist and dry soil conditions. Giant Reed will take little care to get it to grow. Giant Reed will become established on a lawn or landscape very quickly.



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