Fragrant Sumac

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Latin Name- Rhus Aromatic Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-4 ft Width- 6-10 ft Sun or Shade- Sun OR Partial Shade

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Fragrant Sumac - Rhus Aromatica


The Fragrant Sumac is a beautiful, flowering shrub that features delicate, petite golden flowers and little red fruits that bloom in spring. Its leaves are shiny and bright green for all seasons, changing to a deep golden to fire-red in the fall. The Fragrant Sumac requires very little maintenance and is known for its rapid growth and high tolerance to rough conditions such as drought and heavy winter frost. While the Fragrant Sumac grows up to 5 feet tall, it can expand to a full 10 feet wide, which makes it perfect for large areas or a waterside planting.


Fragrant Sumac will have a delightful fragrance when grown

Fragrant Sumac is an excellent ornamental tree or shrub for a garden or natural area. This will look beautiful where ever they can be planted. They will supply brilliant color to a garden. These great shrubs will add a pleasant smell to a garden. They will provide shade all year long. They will also have very unusual blooms.

Fragrant sumac can be trimmed and shaped into the desired height and width. These are great because they can fit into any size garden or area. They will add great curb appeal to property and look beautiful in gardens. This shrub will have flowers that will be tubular shaped and will have a greenish tint to them. They can add beauty to any home. They will also give areas an excellent touch.

Several other names know fragrant sumac. They can be called lemon sumac and polecat bush. This will grow to be small to a medium-sized shrub. It will be beautiful and will also produce red berries once it has bloomed. The berries usually appear in March. These berries will attract a wide variety of birds.


Fragrant Sumac loved by the birds

This shrub grows best in acidic soil conditions where they can be well drained. This shrub will have a pleasant fragrance when the leaves break or crushed. These shrubs will typically bloom in the spring and summer months. They will add an exceptional look to a garden or lawn.



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 Fragrant Sumac