Fox Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex vulpinoidea Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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The Fox Sedge Grass is beneficial to rural landscaping and erosion prevention because it is resistant to deer and it grows heartily in the sand, soil, and clay.

Fox Sedge Grass – Carex vulpinoidea. Fox sedge grass is a zone 3 plant that does well across much of the United States. It’s known to prosper in areas where it can receive plenty of water, and it enjoys full sun to part sun. This type of grass does best when planted in the fall or spring. It is commonly used for naturalizing, soil erosion prevention, as well as for ornamental rain garden accessories. This plant will grow up to three feet in height and will spread to two feet in width. It produces beautiful, sharp green leaves and has a billowy appearance.

Fox Sedge will give a great natural look at bodies of water and also in natural areas or around water gardens.

 It provides a showy display which makes it an excellent yard compliment, as well as an ideal walkway border. Many landscapers use this as a primary feature to bring a lush and tropical effect to rain gardens and koi pond surroundings. It is of the Carex species and receives its name from it's bushy, foxtail-like stalks which provide tall, attractive hedge-like features.

Fox Sedge native grass will help with areas that have soil erosion problems.

This is a very fast growing native grass and will grow back each year. The Fox Sedge is a perennial grass. The Fox Sedge has its best growth in the spring months. The fruit and seeds can start in early spring and last until summer when they will fall off, and the seeds will drift off in the wind replanting themselves. In most places, this sedge can be invasive if not cut back and watched. Starting out with just a few plants at a time will help with this plant growth and keep them kept down in time. This plant is known to grow in all US states but Utah and Nevada. Fox Sedge is a very fast grower and will spread nicely around any water garden.


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Fox Sedge