Flame Leaf Sumac

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Latin Name-Copallina Lanceolata Zones 3-9 Mature Height- 20 ft Mature Width- 15 ft Sunlight- Full Sun

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Flame Leaf Sumac - Rhus lanceolata


Flame Leaf Sumac is a small, fast-growing tree, known for its bright red and orange leaves during the autumn months. It is so tiny that some even consider it a significant shrub. It produces tart berries, which are an excellent source of Vitamin C, and can be used to make tea. Its natural care and beautiful colors make it a great addition to any yard. It is great for nesting and is known to attract songbirds and butterflies, and sometimes even deer. Also, this tree produces beautiful flowers during the summer months, which can be dried and used to decorate homes. The Flame Leaf Sumac is very tolerant to drought, colder temperatures, and heat.


Flame Leaf Sumac is adaptable

The Flame Leaf Sumac is red. The tree produces fruit in the fall in the shape of red berries. Also in the fall, the leaves of the tree become bright red or orange. In the summertime, the tree has white flowers. The leaves of the tree are green at this time. The leaves of this tree can be used to make a tea. While it is a little on the tart side, it is very high in vitamin C. The trunk of the tree is pale which allow the colors of the leaves to stand out. This tree is used to add color to a yard or landscaping project. The Flame Leaf Sumac is a deciduous tree. It is thicket-forming and does not grow too high. This tree displays white blossoms during the summer and red fruit in the fall. The trunk and branches are a pale color and the leaves that are green in the summer turn vividly orange, yellow and red in the fall.


Flame Leaf Sumac is also called The Texan Sumac.

Flame Leaf Sumac will be a great addition to any landscape and will give gorgeous white/yellowish flowers to enjoy. It will also thrive in moist and well-drained soil but can also adapt to other soil conditions. The berries are edible and are commonly soaked in water and used to make a tea that is high in vitamin C. This plant very rarely has any pest or disease problems. It is also very tolerant of heat and cold as well as droughts. It prefers to be planted in drier soil and in an area where there is a lot of suns. It is a gorgeous tree, and often attracts birds and butterflies. This tree would be a lovely addition to any landscape.




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Flame Leaf Sumac