Field Clover

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Latin Name- Trifolium campestre Hardy Zone- 3-6 Mature Height- 6-10inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Field Clover is a very easy grass to grow.

This herbaceous plant of the fabaceae family restores soils. It reinvigorates ground between crop variations and prevents erosion. It also serves to beautify landscapes with its droplets of pale yellow cloister blooms atop hairy stems characterized by 'tribifurcate' alternating leaf clusters of sharp, shiny green with serated edges. It reaches a height of 10 to 30 centimeters or 3.9 to 11.8 inches above ground. The flowers themselves grow to a measure of 1 to 2cm at maturity in a visually pleasant teardrop shape.

Field Clover flourishes in temperate climates preferring a soil pH range of 6.2 to 7, and blooming in the Spring.

General Hardy Planting Zone values for this plant ranges from 7 to 11 but the key factor is humidity vs extremes. Commonly referred to as Low Hop Clover, Hop Trefoil and Large Hop Clover, it is regularly used to cure soils of nitrogen challenges due to its natural fertilization abilities. Commercial and personal crop farmers alike enjoy and employ the advantages of Field Clover for soil health and for grazing animals such as cows, buffalo, goats and horses. It is an edible plant for humans, as well. Distinct uses include tea, flour and seed roasts. Plant it in February and eat it from April through October.

Field Clover is a common sight in meadows and gardens across the country.

It is instantly recognizable by its groups of three tear-shaped leaves, and small white flowers with many thin petals. Bees love to come by these flowers to collect their nectar, pollinating the plant as they buzz about. The plant spreads nicely on its own with little need to care for it, and it's a favorite food of many cute animals that graze along the ground, like deer, rabbits, mice, and many other critters that children will enjoy seeing through their window. One might even find a lucky four-leafed clover in the patch. It is a perennial and will come back every year. Field Clover will give a natural look to a lawn. Field Clover is an excellent grass to add to bare spots on a lawn. Field Clover will cover a lot of areas where no other grass or plants would grow.  It will also provide a very natural look when grown.



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Field Clover