Fern Moss

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Common Fern Moss - Thuidium Delicatulum 4a to 8a Partial Sun to Medium Shade 4" to 16" tall Several Inches Wide Spring Growing Season Beginner Status

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Fern Moss is a hardy plant that loves and thrives in full sun but is easily adaptable.

Fern Moss is hardy. Fern moss is an evergreen moss that is known for its ability to grow on just about anything. Ground Fern Moss grows slowly, but it will grow on most things including rock, wood, metal, and anything else. Ground fern moss needs shaded moist areas to grow efficiently. This moss has signature stalks that rise from the base layer of the moss and have small leaves coming off of them. Ground Fern Moss is relatively low maintenance and may only need a dash of water during times of drought. Ground fern moss is a hardy plant that loves and thrives in full sun but is easily adaptable.

Fern Moss looks similar to a fern because of its height but feels more like a moss because of its velvety touch.

In the right growing conditions, soil type, sunlight, and zone this fern can double its size in less than one year. Anything that this fern is planted near it will take on its look; instead, it is a log, rock or path it can grow over it and cover it. Over time as the ground cover matures it can be broken apart and planted somewhere else, it is a natural transplanted.

Fern Moss makes for a great plant to be planted in between stepping stones because it grows low to the ground and barely needs any maintenance.

Fern moss is a native moss that can be found almost everywhere in the US except for Antarctica. This moss is thick, dense and has small stalks which are home to many leaves. This moss looks good growing around walkways, paths, rocks, and driveways. It also does well growing in rock gardens around water gardens, ponds or shady flower beds. This plant can withstand harsh winters and is easily adaptable. Ground fern moss is used in places where you need something growing fast because it can cover an area quickly.


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Fern Moss