English Ivy- Mature Age Plants

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English Ivy Hedera helix Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Full Shade, Half Shade/Half Sun, Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width - 96" Bloom Season - Early to Late Summer Gardener Status - Beginner

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 English Ivy Plant

The vine makes a thick ground cover that chokes out weeds and blankets bare spots in vibrant green color. It is a useful plant for erosion control. The vine's lovely green leaves last all year long, beautifully brightening the winter landscape and softening the sharp look of needled evergreens. It is fast growing and perfect for creating a privacy screen or romantic nook. This graceful and versatile vine is a winner in a variety of situations.


Stop Soil Erosion with English Ivy Vines


Retaining walls are used by some to stop soil erosion, but one of the best ways to solve the problem is to prevent soil erosion with vines. Stabilize steep banks with these plants. They hold soil tight and anchor it together. Ivy grows massively around some soil types rooting along the soil locking soil that would otherwise wash away. People with homes sitting on hills and along slanted areas, to stop the erosion of their land for centuries have used Ivy. Thousands of acres of property wash away yearly, and damage to a home's foundation can be affected by this change in soil location. Plants offer a valuable asset in stopping the loss of soil. Vinca minor is a lovely plant that grows and clings to the ground. It is a running plant and holds the most exceptional soil. This flowering plant is called Periwinkle. English ivy vines.


English ivy vines are some of the prettiest.

They are easy to grown and are seen in buildings everywhere. This plant is native to Europe and Asia but has become commonplace in many countries. They are lovely but can overtake shrubbery. Hedges and trees can quickly fall prey to English ivy. In established homes, you may see English ivy growing up walls at will. Seasoned gardeners know this is a beautiful way to stop soil erosion. Stabilize steep banks with Periwinkle. English ivy is one of the easiest plants to grow. The can be rooted by merely placing the vines in water, and they take almost no nurturing. However, they will run wild if not trimmed.

The Many Advantages of The helix Hedra English Ivy 

Steep Banks, Slopes where you can not mow and maintain or just for a lush green look it has. It's an all-around good vine to grow also great for those without the green thumb. The English Ivy is a super healthy vine, and it grows from 18-36 inches per year. The Old southern plantation style concrete and stucco homes had this type plant planted around the home's foundations so it would grow up the concrete.



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English Ivy