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Coneflower - Echinacea Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Sun, Light Shade Mature Height - Up to 8' Mature Width- 1-2'

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Echinacea - Asteraceae is an easy to grow perennial 

This Plant is an herbaceous flowering plant, similar to the daisy family. Nine species make up the family of Echinacea, commonly called coneflowers. It is native to eastern and central North America. It grows wild in moist prairies and open, wooded areas, coming to bloom early to late summer. Echinacea is a tall plant, reaching four feet tall at times. You can identify the leaves by their rough texture that decrease in size as they grow up the stem. Echinacea flowers are at the end of the long stems, typically 12 to 40mm wide, and purple. The petal droop after growing outward from the center.

The long stems make echinacea an ideal flower for a cutting garden.

The Plant prefers a sunny location in the garden bed with fertile soil. For ideal growth, add compost and fertilizer to the ground. Coneflowers prefer a well-draining soil but survive in a variety of climates. Place the plants 18 inches apart to allow the plants to spread. Echinacea attracts birds, butterflies, and birds to gardens. The plant is easy to grow and maintain; it is drought-resistant. Echinacea has a long history as the herbal medicine, believed to cure dozens of ailments.

Echinacea will grow well in various soil conditions.

Asteraceae is the scientific name for this wildflower. It is also called the coneflower. These wildflowers will come in different colors and varieties. The plant is also called the purple coneflower. This plant lives in dry or moist conditions. It is tolerant to deer and shallow soil. It is also tolerant of drought, clay, and dry land. This plant thrives in part to no shade. It attracts butterflies. This plant is also known as the Coneflower. The flowers have a prominent cone-shaped center. This flower comes in a wide range of colors, from yellow, red and orange to purple and blue. The Plant is a hardy plant that grows pretty much anywhere and various types of soil. This plant usually has multiple stems with bushy foliage and the large flower on top. This plant can be used as an herbal use as well.

Echinacea ships as Bare Root 


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