Duck Potato

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SAGITTARIA LATIFOLIA Climate Zone: 5 to 10 Mature Height: 1 to 4 feet Sunlight: Full sun

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Duck Potato

Duck Potato -- Sagittaria latifolia. Duck Potato, more commonly known as Broadleaf Arrowhead, is a wild aquatic plant featuring white flowers with yellow centers, similar in appearance to a strawberry flower. The leaves are broad and shaped like the head of an arrow. Other nicknames include Indian Potato and Wapato.

The underground part of the plant's stem, called tubers or corms, is a food source for water birds which eat the seeds and beavers, porcupines and muskrats which eat the entire plant. Native to swamplands through the US and southern Canada, these edible plants were also commonly used as an easily obtainable food source by various indigenous peoples of North America. The cooked tubers taste similar to potatoes or water chestnuts.

Duck Potato has also been naturalized in many other parts of the world.

The duck potato is perennial and forms colonies in swamps, ponds and other shallow wetlands. It grows along riverbanks, forming long bands of the easily recognizable broad green leaves. With strong roots that burrow deep underground, the duck potato can withstand harsh weather and rough water. Because it's easy to grow and yields an edible byproduct, the duck potato is a great way to add both a beautiful and useful plant to a wet area on your land.

If you're looking for a plant with beautiful leaves and flowering stalks, I have the one for you. Duck Potato

The Duck Potato plant fits the bill perfectly; with large fleshy green leaves and milky white flowers. When the plant is full grown, it can reach up to 3 ft in height. This stately variety will make a beautiful focal point in your garden.
With luscious green, bell-shaped leaves it blooms from June thru October. If you want to add a little tropical feel to your garden, this is the right variety for you. Purchase your plants today and enjoy them for years to come.



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Duck Potato