Driftwood Wood Aquarium Piece 10-14"

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Driftwood Wood Aquarium Piece 10-14"

Driftwood Wood offers many advantages to the aquarium owner. Not only does wood look great, but it also provides a hiding place for fish and lowers the pH of the water. Certain woods give off different tannins which can pleasantly change the color of the water.

Hiding Place

The best driftwood is hollow, providing a safe, dark tunnel for fish. Knowing that there is a hiding space nearby helps keep fish from getting stressed. Stressed fish become sick fish, no matter what their age, size or species. Remember, fish in aquariums do not know that they are in a safe environment. They will constantly be on the lookout for predators. Some species will also enjoy nibbling on the driftwood. Food and a secure hiding place. What could be better?

Lowers pH of Water

Not all species of aquarium fish live to need the same pH level in order to stay healthy. It's important to know the ideal pH range of each fish species and to regularly test the water's pH levels. Some aquarium owners have trouble with high pH levels. Adding driftwood can help keep the pH level down. If the species needs a high pH level, like guppies or bettas, then do not use real driftwood or the pH level will be too low. Use a plastic driftwood piece instead.

Preparing Driftwood

Never stick a piece of driftwood directly into an aquarium without first preparing it. The wood needs to be cleaned of any substance that may harm the fish or live plants in tanks. Clean with just a brush and water. It's best to use a new brush that has never touched soap. Keep the wood soaking in a bucket of water for one or two weeks. This makes sure any harmful substances and excess tannins are leached from the wood into the water. Dump the water. Now, the driftwood is ready to go into the tank.