Creek Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Amphibola Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height-1ft Width-1ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun


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The Creek Sedge is a fast growing grass.

The Creek Sedge produces leaves that are thin and dark green. It also provides very distinct clumps. It adapts quite easily to many different types of soil and blooms in the early spring. It has a unique look to it and adds a charming appeal to any garden space. It is ideal for adding some extra privacy to your yard and is perfect for adding a lovely accent to your home or garden. It also makes an attractive focal point and can screen unsightly any spots. It also serves as an excellent slope stabilizer.

Creek Sedge is a must-have for any garden.

Creek Sedge will give an area a very natural look and will bring dark green color to a natural area. This grass is fast growing and will cover a large area. Creek Sedge will grow well around lakes and ponds where the soil is moist and deep. The sedge looks similar to grass and can grow in large clumps. The height of this small is small, but it can take up an area in no time. It is often used around gardens and driveways as a border. It looks excellent planted around as a border and with rocks as the outline.

Creek Sedge will look very natural in a large natural area.

At the end of winter, preferably in March, this plant can be cut down to approximately 3 inches tall to promote new growth. It can tolerate dry conditions.  Creek Sedge is a fast grower and will look great with bodies of water and in natural areas. Creek Sedge will grow best where the soil is moist. It also does well in average soil conditions. 


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