Purple Cone Flower

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Coneflower - Echinacea Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Sun, Light Shade Mature Height - Up to 8' Mature Width- 1-2' Bloom Season – Summer Gardener Status- Beginner (Easy Care, Low Maintenance)

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Purple Cone Flower is very easy to grow and will attract many butterflies and birds to your garden.

It is known for its large and sturdy flowers that are quite similar to daisies. It is a prairie native that is quite resistant to most pests and diseases. Cone Flowers also make fantastic cut flowers so you will want to grow a bunch so you can keep them in a vase in your home. If you let them go to seed, you will also attract Goldfinches, as that is their favorite treat. Butterflies and bees are invited to the purple Cone Flower. Coneflowers come in many different colors, including white, rosy purple, yellow, burgundy, orange, cream, and pretty much any shade in between.

Purple Cone Flower is also a perennial, so you can enjoy it year after year without having to replant it.

Cone Flowers are deer resistant and are also drought tolerant. Having Cone Flowers in your garden will do well in containers and are quite low maintenance. Cone Flowers are also quite fragrant and will bloom in the summer. Once your Cone Flowers are established, they will give you abundant flowering year after year. They are quite hardy, so they do not need any additional watering as long as there is average rainfall. They often thrive in dry summers, but you may want to fertilize them from time to time for the best results. You can start your Cone Flowers from either seed or root division; If you choose to collect seeds for another crop of Cone Flowers, be sure to receive them before the birds have eaten them all. You can start them from root division in the fall but only plants that have been established for at least three years should be divided.

Cone Flower