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Bugleweed is a lovely plant that provides a glossy green look to areas. This plant makes a great ground cover for natural areas and also supplies beautiful color when in bloom.

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Bugleweed - Ajuga are perfect for edgings around the border of a garden.

Bugleweed is a colorful herbaceous perennial that is widely used due to its hardiness. The bugleweed is well known for its low-maintenance and its versatility to be used in sunny and shaded landscapes. It is widely favored for its colorful foliage in adds to landscapes as well as for ground coverage because it is a colorful foliage. However, Bugleweed does have a creeping tendency, therefore, the plant needs plenty of room to grow appropriately. The plant thrives best if planted in moist, rich soil but can also tolerate other types of soil. During the spring the Bugleweed blooms blue flowers reaching six inches tall and continue to bloom randomly throughout the summer and fall seasons. Bugleweeds are a natural flower to take care of, and they are beautiful. There are two different types, and one grows around six inches and has spiked clusters of blue flowers with broad green leaves. The other type has white flowers and purplish leaves, and they often become thicker than the ones with blue flowers. Both varieties and colors work well and look good when growing around a natural area, pond or water feature.

Bugleweed can spread quickly which makes them an attractive plant because of their fast-growing beauty.

These flowers grow on the ground, and they will grow closer to each other making it look like it is all one plant. This helps to prevent weeds from coming through to ruin the garden. Then they should be planted about ten inches apart. The closer they are planted the quicker and more full that they will look. As they grow, they will begin to become dense and full. Bugleweed vines are known for because they spread along the ground. The roots are shallow and known as a taproot. This plant can be easily transplanted once it is well established. The bugleweed has small white flowers. This plant does the best in slightly dry to moist soil.


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