Blue Violets

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Blue Violet – Viola soraria Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Full Sun, Part Shade and Shade Mature Height – 4-6" Mature Width- 6-8" Bloom Season – Spring (April to June) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Blue violets are a perennial plant whose flowers come in various shades from blue to dark violet.

Blue Violet - Viola Papilionacea. They can occasionally have white petals. The blue-violet is called by many other names, including soft blue-violet, wood violet, and common meadow violet. It grows abundantly in the wild and therefore is easy to grow in a garden. The blue-violet blooms in spring. Its beautiful flowers have five asymmetrically arranged petals, and its leaves are heart-shaped. The plant grows approximately four inches tall, on average. Though they are not commonly eaten, the leaves and flowers of this plant are edible. They may be used in salads, teas or even cakes and syrups. They have medicinal uses in some cultures as well. In the United States, the blue-violet plant grows best on the East Coast, thriving everywhere from Florida to Maine. However, they can grow virtually anywhere. They were cultivated in ancient Greece, where the poet Sappho romanticized them. Many states have chosen the lovely violet as their state flower.

Blue-violet flowers tend to attract butterflies and bees, which can help fertilize a garden.

Blue Violet is a Perennial. Blue Violets will work well for a beautiful groundcover. These wildflowers will come back year after year. Blue Violets do best in well-drained soils but can also adapt well to different types of soils. These wildflowers will add lots of color to any garden or natural areas. Blue violets are a beautiful flower. They look great in your yard and make a great attraction to your yard.

Blue Violets also would do great for a gift.

Like when they reach full maturity, you can cut them and give them to someone or use them as a centerpiece. They will grow back leave about an inch or two sticking out of the ground, and they grow back. Violets aren't only blue there purple, pink and even yellow but blue is the most common. Blue Violet is a beautiful plant to use as a ground cover. It will bloom from March to around June. Blue Violet does well in well-drained soils. The leaves on this plant will be a very dark green and when in bloom the flowers will stand out and be beautiful in a flower garden or natural area.

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Blue Violet