Blue Joint Grass

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Latin Name-Calamagrostis Canadensis Hardy Zone- 5-8 Mature Height-2-5ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Blue Joint grass have beautiful long blue-green leaf blades.

Blue Joint Grass - Calamagrostis Canadensis. Blue Joint Grass is a perennial grass that produces straw colored culms. Each culm is lined with about five to ten pale green leaves. The leaves can gracefully droop and are rough with small hairs. This clump-forming grass can reach a height of three to five feet. It can be found in many different regions of North America. Blue Joint Grass tends to bloom toward the end of spring or in the early summer months. It thrives in moist or wet soil and prefers full to partial sunlight. It can adapt to many different types of land and can be found in damp bogs, prairies, marshes, and meadows. Blue Joint Grass has a long lifespan and is cold hardly.

 Blue Joint grass is one of the more plentiful native grasses in North America.

It has a blooming season during late Spring to early Summer. It has pink, green seeds during it's blooming season. It is known to spread very quickly in moist to wet soil. Blue Joint grass can be used to stabilize banks on streams. It can grow to up to four feet high. It grows in dense clumps and can stand up well in the winter. It is best used in natural landscape settings. It becomes well with other similar perennials.

Blue Joint Grass helps with soil erosion problems where the soil is always moist.

Blue Joint Grass is also high to add a natural look to natural areas. It also looks good around walkways and other outdoor areas. The blue joint grass is an evergreen. It likes moist soils. It even grows in the fall. This plant is good at stabilizing stream banks. This plant has pinkish green seeds. Blue joint grass blooms during late spring and early summer.

Blue Joint Grass will work well around bodies of water. When in bloom they will add lots of colors, and the birds will love Blue Joint Grass. This is very fast growing grass. It can grow up to 5 feet the first year of planting.

Blue Joint Grass




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