Blue Gama Grass

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BOUTELOUA GRACILIS USDA Climate Zones- 4-9 Height-1-2ft width- 1ft Sun: full sun

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Blue Gama Grass is a low maintenance perennial grass

Blue Gama Grass - Bouteloua gracilis. Blue Gama Grass is a type of low maintenance blueish-green perennial grass native to North America. It is semi-evergreen, and its spiky flowers are sometimes cultivated and dried to be used as part of flower arrangements.

Blue Gama Grass prefers to grow in full sunlight and can tolerate various soils. They can grow between 6 to 24 inches in height and don't require much watering. They usually bloom in early or late summer and not only provides nourishment for wildlife inhabitants but helps with controlling erosion as well. Hardiness Zones for Blue Gama Grass are between 3 and 10.

Blue Grama, a long-lived grass primarily found in the prairies of the Great Plains, is an excellent option for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing but low-maintenance lawn.

While it blooms in midsummer, one will enjoy its year-round use. This seasonal versatility is due to the Blue Grama’s extremely durable and water-resistant stems, allowing its seeds to withstand the more harsh conditions of the winter. It works well for erosion control, and it only requires occasional watering once initially established. This makes Blue Grama extremely beneficial in areas prone to heat and drought; it is also friendly to one’s budget and water conservation efforts.

Blue Gama Grass's blooms are a red-purple color. It tolerates drought, erosion, and dry soil.

It also tolerates rocky soil, black walnut, and air pollution. It does not have any pest problems. Blue Gama Grass is great to plant to help prevent soil erosion around ponds and lakes. Blue Gama Grass is a fast-growing grass and does excellent in moist and arid soil conditions. Blue Gama Grass can grow 1 to 2 feet each year. This grass looks excellent on lawns and in fields. It also helps a lot with soil erosion problems. This is an ideal grass for yards and will look very natural.





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