Black Willow

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Latin Name- Salix Nigra Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 20-30ft Width- 20-25ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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The Black Willow tree is a beautiful adornment for any yard or lawn. 

This big beautiful tree can reach 30-100 feet tall with huge trunks when mature. The bark is a dark brown and black in color. Black Willows have long weeping branches with long, narrow leaves making it an awesome shade tree. The leaves are about 6 inches long and are a medium green that turns to a light green in fall. Hardy zones are 2-8 with soil that is moist and well drained. You will see a lot at or below sea level and around swamps and rivers. They need 4-6 hours of sunlight and partial shade. Having a short lifespan, 70-85 years, these huge trees can grow 3-4 feet per year if cared for properly.

Black Willow trees are large trees and help with soil erosion around lakes and rivers.

They do well in parks and as a residential tree providing shade for people and for wildlife. The wood is a soft, smooth and lightweight making it best for boxes, crates, rustic furniture and lumber for construction. Acetylsalicylic Acid, a compound similar to aspirin, found in Black Willows was once used by Native Americans Tribes to treat headaches and reduce fevers. Black Willows have very soft wood which means it doesn't splinter like other woods and makes it easier to work with. The flexible stems are used for basket weaving.

Black Willow requires a lot of water. 

It's luscious green foliage provides a vibrancy to any landscape, and make the perfect addition to your garden. Its yellow flowers, called catkins, add to the charm and are delightful to behold. This tree catches the eye and is noticeable for its tall, narrow shape pointing up towards the sky. This tree often has multiple trunks, each with protruding branches that give it a unique look character. The 3 to 5-inch leaves have serrated edges very finely and give the tree an appearance of liveliness and animation which sets it apart from other trees, making it a favorite among landscapers. Black Willow trees will love growing around bodies of water. Black Willow trees will grow great where the soil is very moist and poorly drained. 


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