Big Bluestem Grass

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Latin Name- Andiopogon Gerardii Hardy Zone-5-9 Mature Height-6ft Width-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Big Bluestem Grass will also be high to attract birds to a lawn.

Big Bluestem Grass is the only type of grass that does not have a hollow stem. Instead, it is flat. This blueish colored grass can grow to be 6 feet tall by October and does best in hardy zones 4-9. It looks lovely as a border grass or in flower gardens in dry, sand, and clay soil.

Big Bluestem Grass is preferred for livestock and provides shelter for wildlife.

It's also very adaptable to the full or partial sun. End of fall the blue color turns almost red then goes dormant until the following spring. When it goes dormant, you can collect the seeds from the bronze colored 3 part seed head and store them in a dark room for up to 7 months. Be sure to put them in a paper sack and let them dry completely before storing. Midwinter you can start the seeds indoors then transfer in spring. You can also plant the seeds about a half inch deep in the soil after the risk of frost. It can take up to four weeks before sprouting.

Big Bluestem Grass beautiful, unique type of grass is excellent for making your property more welcoming, accent a flower garden or for livestock and wildlife.

 Big Bluestem grass will work well around lakes and ponds. The big bluestem is drought and deer tolerant. It is also tolerant to black walnut, dry soil, and erosion; as well as it tolerates air pollution. Big bluestem has purple-red blooms. Its flowering time is from September to February. Big Bluestem is also called turkey feet. The name comes from the shape of the seed heads. This grass will grow so high that it will keep the other grass from growing around it from getting any sun. Big Bluestem does well in most well-drained soil. Seed heads on this plant will be bronze, purple or green and will grow about 3 inches long. Big Bluestem grows beautiful in natural areas and around bodies of water.


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Big Bluestem Grass - Andropogon Gerandii