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Latin Name- Arundinaria gigantea Hardy Zone- 6-10 Mature Height- 1-98ft Sun Or Shade- Little Sun

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Bamboo - Arundinaria.

Bamboo known as a river cane or Arundinaria gigantea is a very highly sought after plant. Planting near water or in swampy areas is excellent. Bamboo can be categorized into two different families, the evergreen and grass family. Although, this plant is an evergreen they are grass. These plants reproduce in a short period. Once a shoot gets started and well established they will use their energy to copy and make more, thus being why they can be seen growing in dense colonies.

Bamboo plant can be known as being one of the tallest grasses. They can grow as much as 48 inches in one given day.

New plants can be grown in the spring. Each cane is tall, sturdy and light brown. The rods are tall and slender, and the top is where the limbs and leaves can be seen growing. The height of the bamboo can be reached at its peak after 15 years. The height can be factored by many things, including, soil, climate, sunlight and the amount of water that it receives. Bamboo can be known for having many uses, to drink out of in a survival situation, tied together to make a raft, create home structures and to make furniture. A group of the plant can generate more than 30% of oxygen compared to a group of deciduous trees.

Being an evergreen means that Bamboo will produce the oxygen year-round compared to other trees which lose their leaves.

When the plant can be planted, the shoots will emerge from the ground the same diameter it will stay for its entire life. As it gets taller, it makes canes these canes will continue to grow and get larger until about four months when it has reached full maturity. The only way to stunt the growth is by cutting it; If it is not cut at the ground wherever the cut line is the shoots will still grow under that heading. This plant is a very versatile plant and can be grown both indoors and out.