Autumn Fern

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Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora Hardy Planting Zones - 5-11 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 2' Mature Width- 18" Bloom Season – All Seasons Gardener Status - Beginner

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Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora

Autumn ferns are thin green triangular bi-pinnate fronds that grow vastly on the ground. They range from different colors like bronze, copper, pink, to even a darker green depending on the different seasons. In the spring season, they most likely change from bright red copper to a beautiful green in summer as they mature. This period is also known as their growing season. Ironically, this fern doesn't produce any seeds or flowers of any kind. They spread and connect from their underground roots to make the perfect foliage from anywhere between 18-24 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

There are lots of landscaping uses for Autumn Fern such as bordering, woodland gardening, urban gardening, mass planting, edging, containers or even as a shadow for other plants.

These ferns are perfect to have in your garden as they are drought resistant and only need little watering and care. In addition to that, they also tolerate rabbits and other small garden rodents. They can thrive in full open sunlight or even throughout shady areas. The soil must be moist, well-drained, slightly acidic, and organically rich to establish a healthy rooting system. It is also recommended you plan them 18 inches apart and continue to fertilize during their growing season. They grow best with a new balanced fertilizer spaced out over every 100 yards of space.

Autumn Fern can complement any gardening space and give life to all your other plants!

After winter, it is also best to cut off old front ends for their new growth in spring. On the other hand, this fern has been popularly named as the Florida Plant of the Year and Decade because of it's widespread, ease of care, and little to no insect or disease problems. You can find the autumn fern almost anywhere in any condition! They can complement any gardening space and give life to all your other plants!

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