Aquarium Wood

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Aquarium Wood are perfect accent pieces 

Aquarium wood makes fish tanks more inviting to fish and more appealing to the human eye. Twisted roots give fish a place to hide and play. Small schools weave and dodge through the maze of branches while larger fish have a place to hide and relax. There are many styles of aquarium wood to choose from. Manzanita root is well-known for its twisting roots that are impervious to water rot and damage. Other aquarium wood pieces, like bonsai and tiger wood, hold similar appeal. Mangrove roots are quite impressive due to their large size. For smaller aquascapes, you can choose driftwood of various shapes. These flat pieces of water-tossed wood can be placed upright or horizontal. Some are free-floating while others will remain submerged within the tank.

Aquarium Wood pieces are unique and are an excellent way to ensure your aquarium has a personalized touch. 

You may be surprised at the number of colors and shades that are available. Some driftwood is bleached a startling white while others take on shades of gray and black. Still, others have a reddish hue. Another area to consider is the aquarium wood texture. Though most driftwood pieces are smooth, many have staggered ledges that run deep into the wood giving a rugged appearance. Other forms are pyramidal while traditional pieces are the familiar branch shape.

Their environment and climate shape pieces of natural driftwood. You might want to accrue more than one piece of aquarium wood. This will allow you to create a display of multiple parts or showcase a moving mass of timber. A celebration of bleached bonsai wood takes on a coral-like appearance, while pyramidal and oblong shapes are reminiscent of a long-gone galleon. On a less creative but more practical side, multiple pieces can be swapped out so that neither you or your fish become tired of a familiar landscape.

Want visual appeal? Proper placement of Aquarium Wood can turn a bland aquarium into an eye-catching design.

Safe for aquatic animals
Easy to clean
Aquarium Wood is good for fish.
Adding wood to an aquarium is a great way to make a habitat feel more natural. Aquarium wood is safe for fish and aquatic animals and provides shelter for them to hide. Water plants can easily be attached.