Aquarium Wood 12-14"

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Aquarium wood 12-14"


Choosing the proper type of driftwood for your aquarium is a decision that many owners overlook, unfortunately. Excellent, high-quality driftwood enhances an aquarium both visually and regarding its functionality. After all, you want your fish to feel at home inside the tank, don't you?


All animals, even fish, are subject to boredom. Adding driftwood to a tank provides a familiar object for the residents to observe and interact with, for variety's sake if nothing else. It creates spots of shade and privacy to help residents feel more comfortable in their new setting. An empty glass box can be a bit unsettling even if it does come with regular feeding.


It is best to research the type of driftwood you need though. You shouldn't just grab something from your backyard and stick it in the tank. Aquarium driftwood should be specially treated to protect the surface from long-term submersion. Aquarium wood would be a lovey addition to any landscape.


Therefore you're better off purchasing driftwood from a reputable supplier. This also ensures that you can get your wood in the size and shape you think will be the best fit for your tank. There are a wide variety of different driftwood types to choose from, but Manzanita is particularly popular. This driftwood is uniquely water resistant and will last longer than many other kinds without degrading due to prolonged exposure. It also has some aesthetic benefits due to its many twisting, intricate branches. These can range in size and shape and provide engaging mazes for your fish to swim through.


By investing in a little bit of decoration, you can turn a bare, transparent box into a visually engaging aquatic wonderland.

This benefits both yourself and your aquarium's residents who get to swim around enjoying all the benefits they would in their natural environment. This keeps them happy and healthy.


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