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Weeping Willow Tree


Product Description

Weeping Willow, Salix Babylonica

A Weeping Willow is hardy zones for planting & growing in zones 6-8, and its mature tree height can shoot up to 40 feet tall, with a 25 foot mature tree spread, provided it’s planted in healthy soil. It has thin, variegated green colored leaves that grow on long willowy branches that sway back and forth in the wind. Weeping willow trees invite you to sit down and relax under the coolness of their branches. This makes them an excellent choice in a park or public area.

Weeping Willow trees are also the perfect trees to plant near a creek, lake, pool or pond. Although they prefer soil conditions that are moist and cool, they are actually not very picky. They grow the best when they are planted nearby a water supply. They add character to a home or cabin. They give the landscape a relaxing, welcoming feel.

Willow trees do require some maintenance. Pruning is necessary in order for the branches to stay trimmed. If they are not pruned, their branches will grow all the way to the ground and this looks unsightly. When willows are kept pruned they are beautiful trees that add an air of romance and charm to any landscape. They tend to have short trunks with full branches that give them a full, attractive shape. They are one of the most graceful trees, which also makes them popular in gardens. In the fall of the year the green leaves of the willow turn yellow. This adds a picturesque vision and looks like tiny yellow flowers filling the long slender branches of the tree. 

Willow trees look very dramatic with their cascading leaves and branches. This makes them a wonderful shade tree. Additionally, willows have the ability to grow very quickly. This combination makes willow a good choice to plant in areas of new development. They grow fast, giving the area the look of an established neighborhood or place of business.

If you are in the market for trees, consider planting a willow tree or two. They will add value to your estate. The shade and peacefulness of the tree will increase your property value and ambiance. 

weeping-willow.jpg   weeping-willow2.jpg   weeping-willow3.jpg

USDA Climate Zone 6-8 For the Weeping Willow

Tree Height: 40-50 feet
Tree Width: 35 feet
Growth/Year: 8 feet
Soil Type: Very adaptable to various soils, semi drought tolerant
Sun: Full Sun 

Ships As - Bareroot Plant

Landscaping with these trees will give your yard gorgeous color. This tree is recognized for their dropping branches. Using them will add a designer affect to your home. When deciding to add these trees it doesn't matter how big or small your yard is and can fill a bigger property as well. The leaves appear light green and flowing all the way to the ground. If you are looking for privacy these trees would be a must have. If you decide to landscape it would be a very easy project when using them. They can be put in any location around your home and will make everything look so much fuller.  

Weeping Willows make make oustanding shade trees.  

Weeping Willow trees will make a lovely statement to a lawn and landscape. Weeping Willows can grow in full sunlight and is very adaptable to various soil conditions.  The Weeping Willow will also tolerate drought conditions very well.  This tree will be beautiful during the spring as it produces tiny white blooms before the leaves will appear.  

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  1. Love Weeping Willows

    Posted by Alysha Neary on 4th Feb 2016

    I have always weeping willow trees, they look so graceful with their long branches just swaying in the wind. I am loving my new tree so far! Thank you so much!!!!

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