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Virginia Pine


Virginia Pine Tree 


The average size for this plant is 9-18 meters.  The Virginia Pine is used for reforesting woods and is a great tree for wildlife habitat.  At one point in time this tree was placed on the endangered list but that has changed in the past few years.  This tree is native in the Eastern United States. 

Scientific Name: Pinus virginiana, Virginia Pine Tree 


USDA Climate Zone - 4-8

Tree Height: 50-75 feet

Tree Width: 10-30 feet

Growth/Year: 2-4 feet

Soil Type: Dry soil, including clay

Sun: Full Sun

Virginia pine is one of the 'pioneer' trees to grow and cover any field


Main growing seasons for this tree are spring and summer. However, it blooms in mid-spring. Virginia pine is very popular as Christmas tree in the southern states of United States. It is also widely known for its use as pulpwood in paper industries.