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Landscape Trees


Trees Enhances A Landscapes Plus Raises Appraisals

 Trees can be by far the longest lived elements in your garden. Some can live for hundreds of years if they’re well cared for and can be passed down through the generations along with the house. They're planted for their shade and for their beauty, whether it’s because they burst into colors of red or blazing yellow in the fall, have beautiful flowers in the spring or have a pleasing habit. Some favorite tree varieties are the maple trees. They are super fast growing and you can purchase them in several different varieties. Red sunset maple, october glory, silver maple, autumn red maple and autumn blaze. Other best selling varieties include oak trees, ash trees and poplar. The royal empress is probably the fastest growing tree we sell. it grows up to 12 feet per year.


Helpful Tips On Buying Trees Online

Before a person buys a tree, or looks for trees for sale he or she should look around their area and see what sorts of tree grow well. If it’s possible, the homeowner should visit a botanical garden or a park where trees often have labels. The homeowner should then make a list of the types of tree that caught their fancy and then whittle down the list to those that will do well in the type of soil and light conditions of the property. The homeowner should also eliminate those trees, pretty though they may be, that aren't pest or disease resistant. Another thing the homeowner must keep in mind is how tall and wide the tree will be when it’s mature. Knowing this will help the homeowner avoid planting the tree so close to the house that it will overwhelm the house with shade, outgrow its space or shade out a garden full of sun-loving plants.

The homeowner should also pay attention to the tree's shape, which can be round, vase shaped or conical

After the tree is chosen, it will need to be sited and planted. If a tree has been bought for shade, it should be planted in the south or west of the house and a good distance from it. The homeowner should also be careful not to plant the tree near utility lines or cables, whether they're overhead or underground. If you want large shade trees, make sure they are planted in wide open spaces where they can get tall and not be a disturbance to power lines, phone lines and also endanger your home if your areas are prone to ice in winter months or high wind speeds. Evergreen trees are excellent to keep wind speeds down, to use as living fence trees for border privacy and the main advantage is that they stay green all year long. There are so many excellent choices to make when landscaping.





Trees are high and have many, many uses.  There are several great landscaping ideas that can incorporate trees as their main uses.  There is a wide variety of trees that will work well when used for landscaping ideas.


Trees can be used as a natural privacy fence and borders around properties and lawns.  There are very large trees that can be used for larger properties. Small trees are often used as borders or accent pieces. The Red Cedar tree will work wonderful to create a full and thick border around a lawn and will also offer lots of privacy.  These trees grow to be very thick and dense.  The Hornbeam is another great tree to use for larger size lawns.  It will grow and provide beautiful color during the spring and summer and give great color during the autumn months of the year.  Trees can be trimmed and kept to a height and width to fit any size lawn. 


The Bradford Pear, Cherokee Princess Dogwood, Japanese Maple and Cornus Floridus Red Dogwood are great to use for smaller size lawns and properties.  These trees will also offer lots of color and beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed during the spring and summer months.  They can be trained to grow to certain heights and trimmed to become set widths that will look amazing when full grown. 


Trees need little maintenance.  They can look brilliant when fully grown and give a very natural look to all areas where they grown.  They also offer a great look when just randomly placed on a lawn. They can provide wonderful shaded areas that can be enjoyed during the hot afternoons and evenings during the summer months.  There are some trees that will grow to be up to 100 or more feet tall and will look very stately when full grown.


Fruit trees come in a wide variety.  These will also provide wonderful fruits that can  be enjoyed in cooking and also can be enjoyed right off the tree during the bearing months.  There is cherry, apple, plum and pears trees available to be planted and enjoyed by all when fully grown.


When selecting trees and deciding which ones are best for a property or lawn there are many things that need to be considered.  The climate and soils are a couple of the things that will determine if the trees selected will grow well and provide beauty when grown.  The climate zones will need to be right for them to grow and become healthy.