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Royal Empress


Royal Empress grow quickly

This deciduous tree is absolutely stunning, with delicate foxglove flora in the early spring and magnificent foliage for the remainder of the year, this enchanting tree is a must for any landscape. As it can be outgrown by surrounding trees, this beauty needs to be put in a central location with minimal shade, but aside from its intense need for sunlight, this tree is incredibly hardy and can even withstand forest fires and substantial root damage. A tree like this one would make a great focal point for a front yard and would pair nicely with that white picket fence.

Scientific Name: Paulownia Tomentosa, Royal Empress

USDA Climate Zones: 5-11

Tree Height: 40-50 feet

Tree Width: 30-40 feet

Growth/Year: 15 feet

Soil Type: Adaptable to various soils, drought tolerant

Sun:: Full to Partial Sun


Royal Empress trees are also known as Princess Tree

These are fast growing trees and will be beautiful when fully grown and will provide wonderful blooms that will smell magnificent.  Royal Empress can grow to be around 40 to 50 feet high and can also be 30 to 40 feet wide.  This tree will do great in full and partial sunlight and can grow well in different soil conditions.