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Peat Moss


Product Description

Peat Moss 


USDA Climate Zone - 4-9

Plant Height: 6 to 12 inches

Plant Width: 6 to 24 inches

Soil Type: acidic, well drained, clay, sandy

Sun: Full Sun or Full Shade

Ships As - Bareroot Plant

Peat Moss tends to spread slowly but make peat moss bogs where it can grow. Peat Moss grows only a few inches high when fully grown. Peat Moss is a key plant to support many types of sedges, carnivorous plants, and other bog plants. Peat Moss can even adapt to drier soils over time. Peat Moss can be dried and used as a soil supplement.

Peatmoss is easy to find

Peat moss can be purchased at any home center. Peat moss is a very popular soil among homeowners because it is very versatile and easy to use. Peat moss has many uses to them, such as being used in planters, containers or placed around plants and trees as they are planted into the ground. The only downside to peat moss is the weeds that may already be growing in them. The best thing to do when you use peat moss is make sure any green clumps are pulled out so that the weeds will not regrow themselves. Peat moss has many ecological pros to it as well. 

Peatmoss is a partially decomposed moss that can be put around your plants

It can also be placed in pots or flower containers to help keep moisture in. Peat moss is a dark brown and lightweight until it gets wet. It holds moisture well. Peat moss can be purchased anywhere that plants are sold. Peat moss is a great tool to have around because you can mix it with potting soil, compost or use it by itself when you are planting plants. Peat moss can hold in water both when it is alive or dead. Often times peat moss can come in both bales or bags and then can be spread. 

Peat Moss is a wonderful plant used for many things.  Canada is the number one source for peat moss that can be bought in the United States.  It is used to help improve bad soil conditions, help to add organic nutrients to composts piles, seed starting mixes as well as potting soil formulas all over North America.  It has a porous and light structure to it and will hold moisture without becoming compact.  Interestingly enough, it is partially made of decomposed plant material that comes from peat bogs and slightly acidic.  This moss has a pH level of about 4.2.  Where does Peat Moss come?  It develops in peat bogs that are where some plants decompose and form a thick layer of spongy peat moss in the process.  These swamps are very watery areas.  The freshest sample of the moss will find on the surface where it has an abundant source of sunlight and oxygen.  However, there will be a lower layer that will be pushed to the bottom by new growth of the plant.  It is preserved here at the bottom.  If you want to harvest this moss, simply peel the top layer back and dig the lower layers up. There are many horticultural uses for this moss.  Since it is light and absorbent, many use it to help in potting soil mixes.  Just the soil by itself normally compresses and will gradually become to hurt most plants because it will starve them of much needed water and oxygen that allows them to grow more efficiently.  Adding peat moss to any soil mix will help the soil to stay aerated but still allow plenty of water and nutrients to be retained to support any plant life.  It will also help to create a sterile and disease free environment for your garden and landscape area when added to your soil. It is helpful when one grows with new seeds or cuttings from other plants.  Since peat moss is naturally aerated, it will also keep oxygen in the soil that will drastically improve any plant’s health and growth.  This type of moss is also a common use for those with composts piles as they will aerate them as well as help to breakdown the materials added to the pile. It is because it is acidic in nature and will perform wonders when breaking down other materials.  However, this moss will take much time to form.  When it is time to harvest, peat bogs are drained of water before they begin to extract the moss.  These will regenerate after each harvest but will need time before being harvested again. The swamps themselves only grow about .02 inches per year.  Some people believe that peat moss is over harvested, but this is not the truth.  Canada, who controls around twenty five percent of the world’s population of this moss, only harvests about .02 percent each year. It is a slow grower, sustainability has been a concern among many gardening and environmental experts.  However, there are many proven facts that prove that peat moss will continue to grow and renew itself.  A single swamp can be harvested for anywhere between fifteen and fifty years before they will need to be left alone to regenerate and restore themselves.  Unprocessed peat moss which is available at many craft stores is used to line terrariums and many other container plants.  Many soak this in water and ring it out before adding it to the container garden.  One will be amazed at how well it will retain this moisture!  A fun fact about this moss is it can absorb anywhere from ten to twenty times its own weight in water that is another reason many add it to soil mixtures and composts piles.  It grows in very wet and boggy areas that have acidic soils.  It can even form a cushion so thick it can withhold several moose at once.  How incredible!  Peat moss has a shallow root system and will have very tiny, light green leaves. Some kinds have a brown, pink, yellow and even a dark red coloration to them. It is a great addition to use to your garden areas that have soil conditions that might have drainage problems. It can do amazing things for flowers overall growth and development.  When this moss is first harvested from the bogs, it is dried using a combination of drainage ditches along with sunlight and wind.  The moss is this put through a process to remove the top layer of the moss, and the lower layer is then removed with specialized gardening equipment and then sent to the factory to be processed and then distributed to various stores to be sold to a variety of individuals or companies.  The benefits of peat moss are so vast and expansive that is a good thing that this natural resource is sustainable.  The aerated composition of the moss is so beneficial to soil and plants that it is a much needed resource especially to avid gardeners.  It reduces the waste of water and is also a very organic material.  Many have concerns that peat moss will be gone sooner or later, but there are many regulations that exist and require those who harvest this moss to restore the peatlands into wetlands after a certain amount of harvesting has been done.  Peat moss can and will regenerate and reestablish itself.  However, the timeline for this varies drastically. It can take years for this to occur. It should not worry anyone though as there are thousands of acres of this particular moss and with the regulations in place there is no way this resource will run out anytime soon.  So enjoy this peat moss and all the benefits it will give your garden, plants and flowers. It has many benefits and the improvement it brings to your garden or landscape area.

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  1. Good mixture

    Posted by HJK on 12th May 2016

    Its clean and was easy to pour out, pure peat moss, no trash.

  2. Clean

    Posted by Gina on 5th May 2016

    This bag was clean, with no trash like purchasing from a store

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