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Ozark Plum Fruit - 3-4 Feet Tall


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USDA Climate Zones:  5-9  

Tree Height: 18-20 feet tall

Tree Width:  18-20 feet

Soil Type: loamy, well drained, 6-7 pH levels

Sun: Full sun exposure 

Ozark Plum can Grow to be 20 feet tall 

Ozark Plum is a moderately growing fruit tree.  This fruit tree grows well in almost any warm location. In the Spring the plum tree blooms many small pink or white flowers that cover the trees limbs. Ozark Plum then replaces these with small fruits that become ripe in late summer and early fall. The fruit are ripe when they turn a shiny red or orange color. The fruit are extremely sweet and can be used in many different foods but also have a large inedible seed at the center of the fruit.  

Scientific Name: Prunus Salicina, Ozard Plum 

This plant needs another pollinator tree because it is not self-pollinating. The Ozark Plum bears large amounts of plums for a large period of up to six years.  The blooms of the Ozark Plum that come in spring are often so close to winter that they run the chance of being killed by a late frost that can ruin the fruit for that year and damage the tree. Ozark plum must be pruned in winter and fertilized to help keep it growing and producing fruit best. Ozark Plum has a chill time of around eight hundred hours. Ozark Plums can be used in jams, jellies, breads, cobblers, and pies.  

Ozark Plum will bring a bright beautiful fruit tree to a lawn.  

It will give wonderful white blossoms to enjoy before it gives delicious fruit.  Ozark Plum trees can grow to  20 feet wide.  They will thrive in full sunlight and loamy, well-drained soil conditions. The Ozark plum tree can make your home more valuable because everyone loves being able to pick fresh fruit right from outside. The Ozark plum grows best in the USDA zones of five to nine. The Ozark Plum grows best in the pH levels of six to seven.  Ozark Plum is a hybrid variety that comes from trees native to Asia. 

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