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Loblolly Pine Tree


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Pinus Taeda, Loblolly Pine 

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USDA Climate Zone: 6 to 9

Tree Height: 60-90 feet

Tree Width: 40-60 feet

Growth Per Year: 2-3 feet

Soil: Grows on a wide variety of soil; prefers acid soil

Sun: Full sun


Loblolly Pine is a speedy grower 



The Loblolly Pine is one of the most common trees of North American. It comes in 2nd to the Red maple.  So most all Americans have seen one of these trees at least once in their lifetime. The tallest tree of this species can be found in Congaree National Park.  The loblolly pine tree is a faster growing tree and provides decades of enjoyment watching it tower. it's also an evergreen tree and it's wood is used to create flooring, furniture or other items.


It is widely used as a timber species in the United States. This pine is not classically beautiful, however, it is useful as wind screen when young. It prefers soil with abundant moisture and poor drainage. It is an ideal tree for containers, and is easily transplanted.

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