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Tips To Grow Perennials In Containers


Perennials are very versatile plants that glorify every garden with their unmatchable beauty and brilliance. Most of the hardy perennial plants and wild flowers are grown outside in the garden to accentuate flowerbeds. However, many of them can even be planted in pots and containers, and brought indoors during the winter season.


Most of the perennials make excellent houseplants and they can also be grown in hanging baskets to adorn decks, patios and gazebos. Container planting is great for people who want to grow specific plants that would not normally thrive in given soil. For example, if the soil in your garden is highly acidic and you want to grow plants that prefer neutral or alkaline soil then you can grow them in pots.


Potting perennials is quite easy and they are grown just like you would grow any other plant or herb. The container or pot should be big enough to accommodate the roots and should have drainage holes in the bottom. Larger containers are better for perennial plants as they have an extensive root system that spreads as it grows.


Always use good quality potting soil that is recommended for the plants you want to grow. Most of the plants do well in neutral or slightly acidic soil. Choosing the right kind of soil will help the plant to grow properly. It should be able to hold water and moisture and should also be well drained. You can alter and fix soils that have high clay or sand content. The soil quality can be improved by using organic matter, compost, manure and peat moss. You can also use organic fertilizers to boost growth and development.


Containers and hanging pots generally act as accents. They attract a lot of attention so it is always better to grow majestic perennials that can make an impact on the overall surroundings. Flowering perennials are the best for this purpose. Plants like Hosta, Chrysanthemum, Daylily, Geranium, Gerbera, Lavender, Aster and Verbena are excellent for potting.


Deadheading flowering plants is an important technique to boost health. All the dead and spent blooms should be removed from the plant so that it concentrates towards new growth. Water you plants on a regular basis for best results. Container plants need more watering as compared to the ones growing on the ground. The potted soil tends to dry out quickly. Most of the container plants would do well with daily watering except a few like Cacti and succulents that need less water. After every season, do not forget to wash and clean your containers before storing them away.


You can bring your favorite perennial plants inside your home during the winter season. It is important to know what the plants require for optimal growth and development. You should place them in a well-lit area if they need direct sunlight to thrive. On the other hand, shade loving plants are known to do well in little or indirect light. Always remember to keep all your plants well groomed and neat so that they grow vigorously.