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Cottonwood Tree is native

Cottonwood tree varieties are extremely hardy near wet regions where erosion and water saturation is year-round. For this reason, it is a favorite nesting tree of small waterfowl and burrowing mammals. These trees grow extremely quickly and produce harvestable, grainy wood in a matter of two or three decades. The bark is plentiful, corky and soft so it is a favorite medium of artisans. The foliage is made of large triangular leaves that turn brilliant colors as seasons change. Each tree produces male and female pods surrounded by glorious plumes of dense, but light and fibrous cotton that is eventually carried on the wind in a warm-weather display of snow-like brilliance.

Scientific Name: Populus deltoids, Cottonwood Tree

USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 8

Tree Height: 70 - 130 feet

Canopy Spread: 40 - 60 feet

Soil Type: Well Drained Alkaline Soil

Sun: Full Sun

The Cottonwood tree is one of the largest hardwood trees native to North America

It is famous for the hanging flowers it produces in early summer. Cottonwood trees produce beautiful yellow leaves in autumn.