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Boston Fern


Boston Ferns are good container or border plants 

Boston ferns are probably the most popular fern on the market because of their attractive yet simple appearance. Each leaf stem, or frond, has leaflets that grow outward in a symmetrical pattern. These fronds grow out from the main plant upward then lean toward the ground as they get older. They make a great addition to outdoor gardens or as an indoor plant. This fern also removes pollutants from the air if planted indoors. 

This foliage plant makes a great complement to other flowering plants. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a fern, and like other ferns it prefers to stay in the shade with only a little sun. It is best to keep these plants wet, so they will need water and misting frequently. 

Scientific Name: Pteridium aquilinum, Boston Ferns

USDA Climate Zone: 9 - 11

Tree Height: 0.5 - 1 Feet

Canopy Spread: 0.5 - 1 Feet

Soil Type: Adaptable

Sun: Partial Shade to Full Shade

Boston Ferns are very closely relate to the Sword Ferns due to their size and look

They are non-toxic and are cat-friendly. They are usually used as a potted plant for indoor gardening but will also be effective along a garden path or to line a flowerbed. These ferns typically look their best if placed on top of a stand or in a hanging basket, but can also be planted in your garden along with other shade-loving plants.