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Bishops Weed

Bishops Weed


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Product Description

Snow on the Mountain

Snow on the Mountain is versatile and Is also Called Bishop Weed 

The Snow on he Mountain Vine has light green leaves with white coloring outlining them. The plants range from two to four feet in height. These plants have a waxy covering for their protection. The plant bloom in the early fall. The flower look like white caps that are small in size. The flower form in the center of the leave clusters. If preserved the flowers can be preserved in boiling water. Doing so will help them last a long time as a decorative piece in the home. This vine is used to add a touch of beauty to any landscaping project. They go very well with other plants are will get the attention of people passing by. 

Snow On The Mountain 

Snow On The Mountain is an annual ground cover like plant that grows to be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four feet in height and does best in environments that provide full sunlight to partial shade.  Be mindful as this plant is poisonous if ingested and if you have sensitive skin, it may cause some irritation or allergic reaction.  Just be careful when your pets and children are outside playings as well as yourself. It grows for its beauty and when planting it should be spaced about twenty-four inches apart to ensure room for its growth and development.  It is also drought tolerant that makes it ideal for those with drier climates.  This ground cover is perfect also for areas of your yard or landscape that has deep shade where other plants and flowers have failed.  This ground cover will add amazing life and color to this otherwise dull and lifeless area of your garden or yard.  It is also referred to as Bishop’s Weed or Goutweed.  Snow on the mountain has a shallow root system and will grow quickly once established. It will grow alongside other plants and flowers without interfering in their growth and health.  What is better than a garden full of beautiful foliage, flowers, shrubs and ground covers that grow together without interference to create a magical area for you to enjoy? This ground cover will sit above most other plants, and the foliage is variegated and wonderful to look.  The white highlights on the leaves will sparkle in the deep shaded environment of your yard that will bring a pop of color.  This ground cover will be particularly hardy in climate zones four through nine and will be easy to grow and easy in the right locations and conditions.  It will adapt and tolerate a variety of different soil conditions, but they must all be well drained.  This plant will also not tolerate full sunlight conditions, partially shaded or fully shaded areas are the best for this particular ground cover. It can tolerate heat or climates that are particularly hot.  Shade will be needed to ensure the survival and health of this plant.  However, if the temperatures are milder, it will tolerate a little morning or afternoon sun.  Even though this is an easy grower and will be low maintenance, the only issue will be control.  You want to keep this ground cover under control and keep it from spreading to areas of your garden or landscape where it is not wanted.  This plant will spread by underground rhizomes that are released into the soil.  The best way to control this ground cover is to put an edging around the plant that will sink into the ground about three inches or so. It will keep the rhizomes from spreading through the soil.  If it spreads or has already spread, you can use an herbicide to solve the issue.  However, this ground cover will only respond to this kind of treatment if there is new growth on the plant.  The best time to apply the herbicide will be during the early spring months, or you can cut or mow the plants down to promote new growth and then apply the herbicide. Keep in mind that it is that when you are growing this ground cover, fully green colored plant may emerge.  You will need to remove this part of the plant immediately as this is a more vigorous and aggressive type of snow on the mountain and will overtake other plants around it.  Snow on the mountain, also known as bishop’s weed will require very little care and maintenance.  This plant will also produce beautiful blooms.  They will be small white flowers and will normally appear during the late spring months into the early summer months.  Many gardeners think that the flowers distract you from the beauty of the remarkable foliage, but it is quite the opposite.  The flowers only enhance the white highlights on the leaves and will add even more color to the shaded area you have decided to plant this ground cover.  Some even remove the flowers as they appear, and it will not harm the plant either way.  

Snow on the Mountain is  is often planted in areas where grass is hard to grow 

It is a fast grower which features dark green leaves and both green flowers in the early spring months which then turn white in the summer months. This plant can grow in areas where other plants cannot. The stem is green with white stripes and houses the bloom that sits on top. This plant does best in moist soil and prefers full shade. The Snow on he Mountain Vine has light green leaves with white coloring outlining them. The plants range from two to four feet in height. Find more visually striking in your garden or landscape area.  After the flowers have bloomed for the year, it is best to run a lawn mower across the plants to help promote new growth and health on the plant.  No worries as this plant are a fast grower, and this will not harm the plant at all!  This plant will have many uses in your shaded or partially shaded areas in your yard, but this is not a plant that will produce any forage value as far as your local wildlife go. This plant can be propagated the best way is to use the seeds from the plant and plant these in the fall or spring months of the year.  If your garden is full or if you have no shaded parts of your yard, do not worry! This ground cover will also do well in large pots or containers, and you can have this on display wherever you might want.  This plant however does attract some pests such as Japanese beetles or scale insects so regular monitoring of this will prove worthwhile.  If you do see pests have infested the plant, a simple insecticide will take care of this problem in no time! Snow on the mountain will do great anywhere it grows and will add much needed beauty and color to shaded areas that are hard to grow anything.  This ground cover is worth consideration and even though it is an annual, and it will bloom and give color for many months of the year making it worth the purchase.


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