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Product Description

Bamboo - Arundinaria



USDA Climate Zone – 5 - 10

Tree Height:
20 feet

Tree Width: 1 inch

Growth/Year: 1 – 3 feet

Soil Type: Sandy Loam to Clay Loam 

Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade 

They can grow up to 26 feet tall. The river cane produces seeds but when they fall and reproduce the plant will die. The large colony of leaves are on the top and fan out. The bamboo or river cane can be used for making jewelry, houses, boats and almost anything else that you can think of. The inside of the cane or shoot is hollow so it is very versatile. 


River Cane has been around for millions of years. Native Americans once and still today use this plant to make baskets, sandals and even coffins. The cane or stalk can be stripped down and weaved in and out providing you with a flat fiber which is sturdy and strong. River Cane is used for restoration purposes but due to the lack of water and river banks are becoming distinct. Researchers and scientists are looking into how this plant can be restored and kept around. 
River Cane is the only bamboo plant which has a native to The United States of America. 

This plant categorizes as ornamental grasses, bamboos, edible grasses and landscape. It is adaptable to sites that are swampy. River Cane falls under Genus rank. It is used for chairs, blow guns, clay pots that shine, pipe stems, baskets. As it requires more moisture content in the soil, it will be seen growing near creek banks. It can grow well in zones 3 to 10. 

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